armourerAn ArmourerAn armourer’s lot is not a happy one
you load again when one load’s done
and when all are in, out of the rain
you go out and unload again

(Just typical)

Copyright © Mike Hillier 1990 to 2000

One thought on “An Armourers Lot”

  1. Oh Michael I remember him well he drove me to drink, down at the Fish till they rang the bell, even in Cyprus on many a night over Troodos to give one a fright then Pathos the Pelican, Limosol the Britannia and back down the coast, the Birds Nest yes I remember them well, then during the day on golf did display the tune of Packman to give us no peace it were a hard life for an old swinger on Akrotiri beach. On Buccs in them days with a boss like McBain to mend your ways and young lads like Mancy to keep from disaster who sometimes needed a bit more than a plaster, yes where are you now you still owe me a beer and would wish to return good cheer.

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