Sound and Vision

On this page you will be guided to video and audio pieces recording some of the memories of the people and the place


Charley Bream remembers

Charley Bream was a civilian who worked at Watton from early 1940 to 1968. In this video he remembers some of that time

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Video: The Rededication of the Memorials in 2008

The stone American Memorial, to the personnel of the 25th Bomb Group, has been in place at Watton since the middle-late 1970’s, and it was joined by a propeller from…

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Video: A tour of RAF Watton in 1988

One day in 1988 a local builder, Paul Lincoln, drove past the upturned concrete base of a Nissen Hut. In the underside he recognised the tyre tracks of an American…

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Video: 1995 – The discovery, and recovery of Blenheim R3821 UX-N

Don Macfarlane remembers: On 17th May, 1940, twelve aircraft of 82 Squadron, based at Watton, in Norfolk, took off to attack troop concentrations at Gembloux, Belgium, where the German army…

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Video: A look round RAF Watton 2003

In 2003 local man Frank Hurrell filmed around the camp a little before it was finally sold off and the final chapter of its life was played out. It is…

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Video: Jim and Wiley remember

In May 1989, Jim Agerton and Wiley Noble both returned to Watton on a 3rd SAD reunion tour. They found time to sit and talk with Nell Horn in her…

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BBC TV Film: Television Goes Flying – 1955 video from the BBC at RAF Watton

The BBC no longer allow this vdeo to be embedded so to watch please visit this BBC page: On 27th August 1955, the BBC came to Watton to conduct experiments…

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Audio: Ron Schoefield – 2 Group Bomber Command Recollections 1941 – Audio

This is a copy of a recording by Ron Schoefield that he made of his recollections of life with 2 Group Bomber Command in World War 2. While not specific…

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