Mast High Over Rotterdam Section Three

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Mast High Over Rotterdam by Rusty Russell_Part3

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  1. Thank you for your comments. I am pleased that I managed to record a thumbnail sketch of this great man, and it makes the writing of MHOR a very worthwhile project. Ben Broadley was one of the stars of this Rotterdam raid, and other authors have mentioned him. My admiration of Ben centres on the last part of my biography. These heroes faced the very real prospect of death each time they launched on an operation in their antiquated Blenheims. Many, if not all, of these brave souls would have felt real fear. Ben forced himself to do his duty, in spite of these feelings. That is what I call real courage, and I am so very proud of him, and indeed all of those 2 Group heroes. My only regret is that I started to write MHOR in 1981, well after Ben sadly passed away, thus missing the opportunity of meeting him.

  2. Flt lt AB Broadley was my paternal grandfather, unfortunately he died long before I was born but was clearly a well loved and greatly missed member of our family. I have no doubt that had I had the opportunity to know him I would have loved him greatly. Despite this fact, I remain extremely proud of the man and the hero he so clearly was.

  3. Flt Lt A.B. Broadley ( pages 83 & 84) was my father, who died 5 November 1963 of heart attack, aged 48. The following year, I joined the RAF, aged 16, & served 24 years. I’m now 75. My father was, & remains, my hero

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