These pictures were taken by Rusty Russell. And in his own words “These pics were taken on 17th July 1990 –  Norwich to Liverpool 4.20. BN2T Turbine Islander G-MAFF.”

These are probably some of the last and some of the best pictures that show RAF Watton from the air just before it all came to an end. You can see clearly the Watch Tower and American/Post War Control Tower in the centre of the field.

Click on the pictures below to see full size.



RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &
RAF Watton © Rusty Russell &

21 thoughts on “RAF Watton from the air 17th July 1990”

  1. 13. My dad, 1st Lt. Laurence J. Ketterer (1944) would have loved seeing these photos from the air. Of course, the view was much different in 1944 than in 1990, but he would have been so thrilled to see these photos and share them with his children and grandchildren. Once, while on a long weather reconnaissance mission over the Ireland coast the crew had to ditch in the bay near Dingle, Ireland (see Discovery Production

  2. i did 2 years national service at watton 1954-1956 i was billeted in block 23 room 2 i was an air radar mechanic looking after 6 lincoln bombers they were used to test radar for the v bombers .it was a great camp and i made a lot of friends

  3. Hi I was stationed here 67/68 Mtd Section.Loved my time here,
    I Was from Liverpool and a mate also from Liverpool Mike Harris,he was Atc.
    Weekends I use to drive a few scousers back to Liverpool,
    The Mt Section was a really great choice for me,as We got to drive all over England,
    Lakenheath was really good at the weekends ,Dance night.
    Raf Watton had good dance nights,plenty of locals came to enjoy themselves,
    Been back a few times,not much left now,such a shame.
    I still remember a lot of people from my time there.
    Great bunch of lads on that camp.
    I moved to Jersey after leaving the Raf,
    Still have great memories.

  4. Loved my posting to Watton 1966-1968 best of my 7 years in the RAF. Wonderful station with a brilliant working atmosphere and a real Cold War job to do. 115 Sqdn on the Griston site. Thanks for the photographs and the memory jolt.

  5. A large part of the estate is still to be developed and in many places you can still see signs with wording similar to “RAF property keep out”.

  6. I was never in RAF, but attended Watton Secondary Modern in the 1960’s along with many many children who parents were in the Force. Often meeting them round their force’s house to go and play, explore and generally get up to harmless no good. One of our favorite places was the old sand pits up past the Fly Fish, this was littered with old scrap lorries etc.

    I was in touch for a while with one of these lads, who went on to quite a career in the RAF Stephen Shay. Another was a local lad who made good in service Christopher Gunn. A very early girlfriend (while at school) came from the camp and terribly I cannot remember her surname, but first name was Jennifer.

  7. I can remember the large circle being constructed . Can see the Foundry the Flŷing Fish public House and my parents and Grandfathers Houses on Norwich Rd .
    Brings back so many memories . I met my wife at the Shirley Club in May 1966 ,the night the Hollies performed . Myself and some lads from the Station where on stage duty .
    Such memories are

    1. Sorry failed to add my name John Page late of Carbrooke and WATTON Town never in the RAF , but was associated with a number of airmen who were in the Sunday football team George Craig who still lives in Hingham and Spud Murphy and John Harrison son of F/SGT Harrison

  8. Fond memories of 192 sqdn 1954/1957, the B29s, Canberras and Comets. If flew in those Canberras after leaving the RAF and working for Decca Navigator at Heathrow. Looking for Sqdn Ldr Jimpy Hoad recently to find he has sadly passed away in 2014, Air Vice-Marshal Norman Hoad, a great guy who took me under his wing and introduced me to art. Anyone know of my old mates on 192 at that time? Bill Youden, Bernard Dunkley? John Palmer is in Canada enjoying the wilds of Manitoba and in regular contact! David Fossey Cpl. Tech, Sept 1954 -Sept 1957. CSE Watton, Now still in Nofolk.

    1. Always good to hear from 192 lads, I too found the Canberra,s again at Airworks Services, Bassingbourn, about 1960-61. Memory is the pitts!!
      I was nav Inst tech and got my tapes 1957.
      Brian Kettlewell 3517633

      and later in Canada
      Captain Cdn Fces(Air). CD

    2. Hello I was with 216 squadron at Lyneham 67 to 69 when Jimpy Hoad was station commander. Air Commodore I think. Great man and brilliant painter of aircraft.

  9. Like Brian Kettlewell fond memories of Number1 Hanger, 192 Sqdn. Washington A Flt.and the demise of the B29’s their replacement with the Comets in 1957/58. A very long time ago.

    1. Good old Geordie, hope all is well with you and yours. Looks like no one else left but you and I !!.
      Still got my certificate,s for Comet 2 course at De Havilland and Sperry auto pilot, Seems I was in a bloody classroom more then any Canberra or Comet.
      Keep well old mate, Ever in Canada(BC) your very welcome here. Dare to Discover, boys of the CSE.

  10. Very much appreciated Julian and Rusty. Many changes even then from my 3 years based there with 192 squadron, great times and wonderful to have the memories again
    Brian Kettlewell
    Oliver, BC Canada.

  11. Thankyou, I know Griston was featured but difficult to recognise it in it’s then state, 27 years after I left there. When did HMP take over?

    1. Gilham I remember that name. Are you still surviving. I heard frrom a mate of yours who ended up in Spain but lost touch i.e. he didn’t respond to my response to his email.

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