Saluting is the strangest thing
when approaching an officer, your arm you sling
up to your forehead without a frown
and when he’s gone by, you take your arm down.

Wouldn’t you say that’s weird, almost clowning
walking around, with all that upping and downing
it seems to suggest there must be a reason
I expect not to do it, is probably treason.

But next time you pass by the officers mess
your arm like a windmill, just think of the stress
with all that flapping around, don’t you know
it’s really not good for the blood pressure flow.

So as each and every officer passes
it comes to be, like one of life’s farces
all this waving in respect for to show
surely isn’t it nicer, to just say, “hello”.

Copyright © Mike Hillier 1990 to 2000


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