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Funeral of 605462 Sgt. A.H. Elliot Jnr. Pilot R.A.F. Killed 29th August 1942

These pictures record the burial of 605462 Sgt. Arthur Henry Elliot Jnr. Was a pilot with the RAF and was killed 29th August 1942 Aged 22. He was a citizen…

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Funeral Of Sgt. F.B.G. Heron, Flt. Sgt. G.D. Maluish, Sgt. G.E. Step

These pictures record the funeral of 3 airmen of 21 Squadron, R93513 Sgt. S.B.G. Heron. Pilot R.C.A.F. Aged 20, R65700 Flt. Sgt. G.D. Maluish Air Observer R.C.A.F. Aged 23, 1067562…

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Heinkel HE111, Ovington

At 0755 on February 18th. 1941 a Heinkel HE111 H3 of 4/KG 53, The Condor Legion, Work No. 3349 attacked RAF Watton from the South side of the airfield travelling…

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Gallery: MT Section Watton 1940

These photos were acquired by Watton post card collector Steve Easter and he has very kindly allowed me to copy them for the RAFWatton.uk Although their origin is not known,…

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Gallery: The Officers Mess – beginning to end

The Officers Mess at Watton stood until January 2002 when the powers that be decided it should be demolished as the place was proving attractive local children. Such an ignominious end…

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Washington WZ966 on the ground at RAF Watton

“Washington” was the RAF designation for the famous Boeing B29, one example of which, the Enola Gay, dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. No B-29s were built for the…

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Picture: The Flying Fish

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Gallery: Pictures from Ralph Swift’s album

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Gallery: Winter 1947 Digging out the train

The snowfall that hit the country in early 1947 was some of the worst on record. These pictures show efforts being made to dig out the “Crab & Winkle” train…

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